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Bible History Sculpture Series

Presenting a lasting legacy of the men and women God marvelously used to translate, print, and produce the precious Word of God in the languages of the modern world. 

We are pleased to provide these exclusive busts, sculpted by hand with painstaking detail by Brandon Lane, a member of our Biblical Heritage Exhibit team. Once the clay sculpture is finished, a mold is made to enable small-batch casting. Each marble stone resin casting is then hand-finished in antique bronze, with a brass on gloss black nameplate. These finished busts vary in size from 11” high x 6” wide weighing 4-6 pounds, to as much as 14” high x 11” wide, weighing over ten pounds.

Because each sculpture is hand-finished rather than mass-produced, there will naturally be some color variation and no two will be exactly alike. This is part of the nature and beauty of handmade objects, and should not be considered a flaw or defect. If you are attempting to match your previous sculpture purchases or have a particular look in mind (more or fewer highlights, for example), please contact us and we will happily provide photos of our current inventory so you can select the exact sculpture we will ship to you.