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Biblical Heritage Exhibit


Cipriano de Valera - Sculpture (table top size)

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In 1582, Cipriano de Valera began to fulfill the desire of Casiodoro de Reina, not for another translation, but for a purified translation. Valera himself acknowledged that his work was a revision, referring to it as the Second Edition of Casiodoro de Reina. For twenty years he labored with the original languages in order to perfect the work he believed God had Reina to begin and himself to complete. At seventy years of age, Valera gave the Spanish-speaking people the Bible of 1602, the edition that would unquestionably remain the standard Spanish Bible for the next two hundred fifty years.

Spanish Bible history displays are not complete without this personalized presentation, and collectors will want to add statues of both Reina and Valera to their private collections as well. 

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