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Conference Overview

The Northwest Conference on the Bible, hosted by Faith Baptist Church in Tacoma, Washington, is a hands-on, up-close encounter with the artifacts that visually represent the rich history of the world’s greatest literary masterpiece, the beautiful authorized King James English Bible of 1611. The story of the English Bible is presented from the earliest manuscripts and texts from Mesopotamia, Hebrew through Greek to the New Testament in Palestine. The first complete translation in the Latin Vulgate of Jerome through the English translations that gave us the first authorized English Bible by the King in 1611.

Guided 90-minute exhibit tours are available each day at 9am, 11am, 1pm, and 3pm. Tour space is limited and reservations are required.

The tour covers the history both verbally and visually, capturing the amazing story from inspiration in the beginning of man’s history through the process of producing, printing, and perfecting the precious Book we call the Bible. That process provides us the preserved Word of God, that is the Bible, the most influential Book in history, outselling all others even after nearly 2,000 years. Seeing, hearing, touching, holding, photo opportunities, resources, DVDs, books, and memorabilia all enhance this amazing opportunity to experience the history of the Bible. 

See reproduction printing presses, book presses, ancient scrolls hundreds of years old, antiquarian books, Bibles, facsimiles, and replicas of ancient artifacts and historical discoveries. A full size 1611 King James 1st edition Bible, the five volumes of the Erasmus Latin/Greek parallel New Testament, the four volume Hebrew Masoretic Bible, scrolls, cuneiform, Latin Bibles, Luther’s German, the Gutenberg Bible of 1445 in full color facsimile, and so much more!


Lectures nightly, from 7-9pm (see the conference schedule below for speakers and topics)

Each evening informative, involved, educational lectures unfold the real story - what the Bible is, where did it come from, where is the Bible today, why do we need the Bible? 

Several churches, colleges, Christian schools and community clubs are committed to coming and all our community are welcome to participate. If you would like to attend daily tours or the evening lecture series, or both, please feel free to sign up here and plan to join us!

Reserve Your Tour Time Now!

Would you or your church family like to schedule a time to tour the Biblical Heritage Exhibit? Well, here is your opportunity! Come join us as Pastor Mark Smith guides you through over 1300 years of Biblical history with displays holding facsimile Bibles, replicas, paintings and similar artworks, and artifacts from the respective time periods.

Although donations are greatly appreciated and accepted, our tours are free of charge for anyone who wants to visit and learn more about the history of God's Holy Word. Each tour will be approx. 90 minutes in length and will provide free amenities. Spots are limited, so follow the link below to reserve your tour today!

Conference Teaching Schedule

Located at Faith Baptist Church April 11th-15th 2022

Monday 7pm ~ April 11th

Dr. Phil Stringer - What is the Bible? Where did it come from? Who wrote it?

Dr. David Brown - What constitutes the Bible? Where is the Bible today?

Tuesday 7pm ~ April 12th

Dr. David Sorenson - The making of the King James Bible

Dr. Phil Stringer - The Septuagint: What is it and did Christ and the Apostles use it?

Wednesday 7pm ~ April 13th

Dr. David Brown - Things that are different are not the same

Dr. David Sorenson - Duplicity and Deception: The oldest fakes and their corruption of the modern versions

Thursday 7pm ~ April 14th

Dr. David Brown - The Demise of preservation

Dr. David Sorenson - The Text Really Matters

Shop on Location

During our touring and conference event hours, we will have a large retail area available for anyone who desires to take a piece of our Bible's history home with them. Provided in the retail area will be physical copies of our facsimile Bibles, Scripture artworks, and additional resources to add to your personal or professional library/museum.

Location & Contact Information

Faith Baptist Church

5714 29th Street Northeast

Tacoma, Washington 98422

Phone:(253) 927-7673

Office Hours:Mon-Fri: 9:00am - 4:00pm