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Stephanus Greek New Testament - 1550 Facsimile Elmo Brown Leather

We are pleased to offer a facsimile copy of Stephanus's 1550 Greek New Testament. This facsimile is bound in Revelation Vino leather, printed on white felt paper, and is a pure copy of his work.

Robert Estienne was born into a noble French family in the city of Paris in the late 1400s or early 1500s. Printers by trade, the Estienne family was as well known for their scholarship as they were for their craft. By the time of his death in 1520, Henri, Robert’s father, had printed more than one hundred different books, many of which were renowned for their beautiful type styles. After Henri’s death, his faithful employee Simon de Colines married Henri’s widow and took control of the printing operations until Robert was able to become proprietor in 1524. Robert printed only scholarly works, many of which he edited himself, and became a devoted scholar of Greek, Latin, and Hebrew. He corrected the Latin New Testament of 1523, and began printing the Bible for distribution to the common people, despite protest from the theological faculty of the Sorbonne.

Robert’s New Testament translations infuriated the religious leaders of his day, and the continued attacks by the Sorbonne, as well as opponents of the King, caused him to flee to the safety of Geneva. Upon his arrival in Geneva, Robert set up a printing press, and immediately published a defense against the accusations of the Sorbonne. He later printed the French Bible and the writings of John Calvin. In Geneva, Robert Estienne came to be known as Robert Stephanus, a translation of his French name. Stephanus built upon the foundation of Stephen Langton’s Bible chapter divisions by separating the chapters of his Greek New Testament of 1551 into numbered verses for the very first time. He later added verse divisions to the Old Testament as well. The Geneva Bible was the first printed Bible to include both chapter and verse divisions. Robert Stephanus died in Geneva, Switzerland on September 7, 1559, leaving a heritage of Bible printing and translation. The authoritative text that resulted from Stephanus’ manuscript collation laid the foundation for the Textus Receptus. 

Product Dimensions: 8.5" wide x 2" deep x 13.5" high

Product Weight: 5.4 lb.

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