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Our Bible - Tracing the History of God's Word in English (Spiral; by Kahler)

The charted history of God’s Word in English was designed as a stand alone resource as well as a companion guide for the Portfolio Presentation set from the Biblical Heritage Exhibit. This simple yet incredibly informative booklet provides historical background and information on the impact of the Bible worldwide. Questions about the Bible, and theological definitions are made easier to understand and make the story come to life.

Understanding the Old Testament origin from original autographs through translations and preservation leading to the English Bible. The process from stone tablets, clay cuneiform tablets, Papyrus and parchments scrolls to codex is explained in “understandable” terms with enlightening illustrations and charts.

The New Testament text transmission and the various translations that resulted from the reformation age in Europe are seen chronologically through the accompanying charts. The main stream of Greek texts, which are the basis of true text translation work, are compared to the other Greek manuscripts inserted by various groups. The two lines clearly define and delineate the differences in the texts and the eclectic line of critical editions that would be created. 

Product Dimensions:

11" wide x 8.5" high x .125" deep

Product Weight:

8 oz.