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1663 Eliot Indian Bible (Algonquian Bible) Facsimile

Introductory Special Price $99

We are thrilled to introduce this meticulously crafted facsimile reproduction of the Mamusse Wunneetupanatamwe Up-Biblum God — also known as the Algonquian Bible or the Eliot Indian Bible of 1663. Recognized as the first Bible of any language to be printed on a printing press in North America, and the single largest printing endeavor of the early colonial period, this facsimile stands as a testament to both historical significance and missionary pursuit.

Created and produced by the dedicated team at the Biblical Heritage Exhibit, this facsimile reproduction is printed on opaque paper and bound in a rich brown distressed faux leather adorned with detailed gold foil stamping. The front cover proudly bears the emblematic seal of the state of Massachusetts, paying homage to this monumental work's geographical and cultural origins.

Each page faithfully replicates the text that the English Reverend John Eliot and Native American linguists Cockenoe (Quinippiac), Job Nasutan (Nipmuc), and John Sassamon (Massachusett/Natick) (Wassausmon) spent more than a decade painstakingly translating into Massachusett -- sometimes referred to as Natick, Nipmuc, Wôpanâak, or Wampanoag -- part of the Algonquian family of languages. It was originally typeset and printed by James Printer (Nipmuc)(Wowaus), apprentice to Samuel Green.

Product Dimensions: 5.875" wide x 2.875" deep x 7.5" high

Product Weight: 3lb.

Introductory Special Price $99