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Codex Sinaiticus - The Oldest Bible? Or a Modern Hoax? (2-disc audio CD)

Codex Sinaiticus - The Oldest Bible? Or a Modern Hoax is a 2-disc audio CD presented by Christian J. Pinto. In this presentation, Christian Pinto discusses the research behind whether or not the Codex Sinaiticus is truly the oldest Bible in existence or if it was an elaborate ruse to discredit the validity of Scripture. Below is a short description of all that is discussed in this documentary. 

"'This is the ancestor of all the Bibles that everybody else has in the world,' says Dr. Scot McKendrick, of the British Library in London. With its 23,000 corrections, textual critics use Sinaiticus (calling it the oldest Bible) to argue that the Scriptures cannot be the inspired word of God. But where did the manuscript actually come from?

Discovered at the base of what is called Mount Sinai in Egypt, this curious codex emerged in the year 1859, and would dramatically transform the field of Biblical scholarship. Because of Sinaiticus, the traditional Greek text used by the English Reformers would be questioned, and ultimately replaced, by Wescott and Hort in 1881. But were these events the conclusion of an honest discovery? Or were they contrived to undermine the truth?

In this two-CD Audio set, documentary filmmaker, Chris Pinto discusses his extensive research into the discovery of the Sinai codex, and the controversial claim of Greek paleographer, Costandine Simonides, that the manuscript was really a modern work that he created in 1840. Is it possible that he was telling the truth?"

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