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The Bay Psalms Set

This facsimile set is a recreation of the 1640 original and the Enigma edition of the historical significance of the Bay Psalms and the printing movement in America. This set has been bound in beautiful cognac calfskin leather with gold foiled lettering, raised bands, marbleized end pages, and the accompanying Elmo chocolate leather-bound slipcase cover. This set is the last facsimile of the Psalms which was printed in 1956 by University of Chicago Press and the accompanying edition by Zoltan Haraszti. This beautiful recut and rebound edition is truly a treasure for any collector or display.

The Bay Psalm Book was the first book printed in British North America in 1640 at Cambridge in Massachusetts. To print a book just twenty years after arriving at Plymouth represents quite an achievement for these pilgrims. There were several varied editions of the Psalms brought with these Puritan reformers. The Ainsworth Psalter – 1612 had been compiled by Henry Ainsworth for use by the “separatist” Puritans in Holland: the Revenscroft Psalter – 1621 and perhaps best known Steinhold and Hopkins Psalter – 1562.  

Product Dimensions: 

  • Bay Psalms: 5.5" wide x 1.25" deep x 8" high, weighing 1.35 lb.
  • Enigma: 5.5" wide x 1" deep x 8" high, weighing 0.8 lb.

Product Dimensions (set): 5.75" wide x 2.75 deep x 8.25" high

Product Weight (set): 2.7 lb.

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