John Calvin Statue

A beautiful antiqued bronze resin statue of the great reformer, John Calvin, depicted teaching from the Word of God.

In the summer of 1536, Calvin himself was a recent convert to this “new” evangelical faith. He had recently published THE INSTITUTES OF THE CHRISTIAN RELIGION, which articulated his growing protestant views.  

Geneva would be well remembered for Calvin, and Calvin for Geneva. Calvin’s doctrines spread as did his conviction concerning the sole authority of Scripture. The persecution and martyrdom of many associates and allies, who had embraced a desire to produce the Bible in the common language of people, compelled him to stay in Geneva and labor for the Lord. Calvin would fight with words and win the hearts of multitudes turning them from fear of the church to faith in Christ.

Dimensions: 5.5" wide x 16.25” high x 5 deep, weighing approximately 11 lb

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