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Bible History Sculpture Series

Presenting a lasting legacy of the men and women God marvelously used to translate, print and produce the precious Word of God in the languages of the modern world. Portraits of these individuals are, themselves, extremely rare, and they become the only reasonable reference for sculpting these individuals in a similar resemblance. We are pleased to provide these likenesses cast in marble and finished in antique bronze or pecan, signed by the artist, numbered with accompanying brass on gloss black nameplate.

As with all products produced by the Biblical Heritage Exhibit, our goal is quality at an affordable price, and these one-of-a-kind personalized busts certainly meet this criteria. They vary in size from 11” height and 6” width, weighing 4-6 pounds, to as much as 14” height and 11” width, and weighing over ten pounds.

Statues come in three series: the Reformation Series, The Bible History Sculpture Series, and The Full-size series.

Museums, educational institutions, churches, and campuses, as well as private and public collections and displays can complete the story with these beautiful replica portraits that present the rich history and heritage of our English Bible.

These beautiful images are intended by design to capture the very character of the creation, as well as the culture through time period accentuations and profiles. These images are recreated from existing artist images, as well as enhanced images, by our in-house artists.

The Biblical Heritage Exhibit works closely with Creative Castings, Inc. of Sudlersville, Maryland, to manage availability, accessibility and reliability on design development and on-time delivery.


Sir Thomas More - Sculpture (table top size) Custom Order Item
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Philip Melanchthon - Sculpture (table top size) Custom Order Item
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Thomas Cramner - Sculpture (table top size) Custom Order Item
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Stephanus - Sculpture (table top size) Custom Order Item
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Martin Luther - Sculpture (table top size) Custom Order Item
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William Whittingham - Sculpture (table top size) $ 189.95
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King James - Sculpture (table top size) $ 289.00
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