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The Matthews Bible 28 x 24 Wall Display

The Matthew’s Bible was the first complete English translation from the original Hebrew and Greek. Scholars consider this version to be the first “true and legitimate” translation. The actual translation was the combined work of three men – William Tyndale, Miles Coverdale, and John Rogers. They used various sources, in at least five different languages.

The Heritage Collection consists of 18 framed wall displays. Available in an attractive and informative format with painstaking attention to detail, each piece presents a brief history of the page itself and the men responsible for its translation. Hundreds of hours of research have gone into ensuring the historical accuracy of the written descriptions pertaining to each piece. In addition to the informative and inspiring articles, rare illustrations and early drawings are included with each Bible page. These digitally enhanced images give even greater insight into the work of those whose determination and selfless sacrifice resulted in placing the Scriptures into the hands of the common man.

Product Dimensions:

28" x 24"

Product Weight:

20 lbs.