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The Douay Rhemes Bible 28 x 24 Wall Display

The title of Douay-Rhemes or Rheims, is given to a particular English translation of the Jerome Latin Vulgate, the official Bible of the Roman Catholic Church. For over a thousand years, the papacy had decreed that no translation could be made in any other language than Latin. This greatly impeded the common man’s ability to discover the truths of the Bible until John Wycliffe brought about the first English translation of the Latin Vulgate in 1384, opening the Scriptures to the common people.

The Douay-Rhemes is a translation of a translation – the Vulgate translated from Hebrew and Greek to Latin, and the Latin translated into English. While it is certainly an English translation from the time of the reformation, it is distinct in that it is from another line of manuscripts as is the Latin Vulgate.

The Biblical Heritage Collection contains eighteen facsimile pages of original Bible texts. These precious pages have been lovingly and meticulously reproduced by our skilled technicians. One cannot help but feel an overwhelming debt of gratitude to the men of faith who sacrificed so much to provide us with God’s inspired and preserved Word.

Available in your choice of mat and frame color. Contact us for discount pricing on the full set.

Perfect for Universities, Museums, and Churches seeking impressive decor with significant historical impact.

Product Dimensions:

28" x 24"

Product Weight:

20 lbs.