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24" x 36" Poster - Myles (Miles) Coverdale 1535

A 24" x 36" Poster page depicting Myles (Miles) Coverdale that can be framed or hung on a wall. Below is a description of the translator and his work:

"Myles (Miles) Coverdale, Heavily influenced and educated under the reformer and Cambridge theology professor, Robert Barnes, the young Augustinian friar from Barnnell priory found a new faith at Cambridge. The transformation to reformer, puritan and preacher would cause him to flee England on several occasions or face death. During his days as a fugitive from the King and the Church, Coverdale gained a greater understanding of the Scriptures and embraced the convictions of many of his fellow conspirators, including William Tyndale who himself had gained a somewhat nefarious notoriety as a Lollard or Puritan sympathizer.

Tyndale fled for his life to Europe and there Coverdale joined him in the translation work of the English Bible. Miles Coverdale would escape another close call with death in the martyrdom of Tyndale for publishing the English New Testament. Coverdale would consolidate Tyndale’s notes and with the help of others including Luther’s German, Jerome’s Latin and Erasmus Parallel texts he would complete the first whole English Bible in 1535.

Although Coverdale found favor as a preacher, which gave him the assistance of Thomas Cromwell, Coverdale found himself in constant danger. Coverdale would aid John Rogers in the 1537 Thomas Matthews English Bible and still later provide Henry VIII his Great Bible in 1539. Perhaps unwittingly, Coverdale helped answer the prayer of Tyndale, as he was a part of fulfilling the vision of the whole Bible in the English language."


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