24" x 36" Poster - Matthew's Bible 1537

The most notorious Queen of England, “Bloody Mary”! Her ascent to the throne came from the lengthy lineage of her infamous father Henry VIII of England; a man not known for his concern for country, citizen, or even companion, including his seven wives and numerous concubines. The reformation was well underway. The Baptists, the Protestants and the growing Lutheran movement were at odds with the King, the Pope and the Church. Many watched the turmoil and listened to the dissenters against her own Roman Catholic Church. As she ascended the throne it was clear they had their day, but a new day had come! Mary earned her title by merit of her Catholic sympathies and severe protestant persecutions.

The first of 500 martyrs to meet with 'Bloody Mary’s' wrath was John Rodgers, a close ally of William Tyndale and Miles Coverdale, the latter of which aided him in translating the Thomas Matthews edition of the English Bible in 1537. Queen Mary determined to stop the influence of these English translations and the men who were behind them. As others fled to Geneva, those found no way out of her grasp but by death.

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