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Luther New Testament 28 x 24 Wall Display

Martin Luther was the first person to translate the New Testament, and later the entire Bible into German. The New Testament was first published in 1522, and the translation of the Old Testament followed after, which allowed for an entire German Bible in 1534. Luther spent the rest of his life refining the translation.

Martin Luther was a gifted preacher, but soon his theology clashed with that of the Catholic Church, and on Halloween night of 1517, Luther changed history when he nailed his Ninety-Five Theses to the church door in Wittenberg. Because of his new convictions, Luther felt that he needed to protest the Church’s sale of indulgences. It is said that Luther started the Protestant Reformation by this single act, although men such as John Wycliffe had already laid the foundation upon which Luther built.

The Biblical Heritage Collection contains eighteen facsimile pages of original Bible texts. These precious pages have been lovingly and meticulously reproduced by our skilled technicians. One cannot help but feel an overwhelming debt of gratitude to the men of faith who sacrificed so much to provide us with God’s inspired and preserved Word.

Framed in an attractive and informative format with painstaking attention to detail, each piece presents a brief history of the page itself and the men responsible for its translation.

Available in your choice of mat and frame color. Contact us for discount pricing on the full set.

Perfect for Universities, Museums, and Churches seeking impressive decor with significant historical impact.

Product Dimensions:

28" x 24"

Product Weight:

20 lbs.