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24" x 36" Poster - King James 1611

A 24" x 36" Poster page depicting King James I of England that can be framed or hung on a wall. Below is a description of the king and his impact on the world:

"James the sixth, King of Scotland was the son of Mary Stuart, best known as Mary Queen of Scotts. Even at birth, conflict between Catholic and Protestants would mark the era of his rule in Scotland and continue through his reign as King James, I of England. (1605-1625)

It would be James who would unite the crowns of Great Britain, Ireland, and Scotland into one kingdom. The political culture of the kingdom would submit to a more royal prerogative as the king proposed strong amendments from his true law of free monarchs. The divine right of kings became his theological decree by which he was greatly challenged. Confrontation with the Roman church and the puritan and protestant leaders continued. The conflict initiated the concept of a single, pure text English Bible, uncorrupted by any of the religious persuasions and set solely upon the original texts in translation.

The king was known for many conflicts and confrontations with parliaments of each country: the gunpowder plot in England, his marriage, and his failing health. Yet he was well regarded as the king who brought peace and prosperity to the realm above any other king's reign. Perhaps unwittingly, he created for himself a title greater than any other among men as he was associated with the English Bible of 1611, called the King James Bible or the authorized version.

The proposal by John Reynolds was a catalyst for the plan that would initiate the most complex, complete, and correct translation of any kind to date or to follow.  The Bible that bares his name has impacted every continent and every country as billions of copies have subsequently been printed for distribution worldwide."


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