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Hebrew Bible 28 x 24 Wall Display

The Biblical Heritage Collection presents this rare facsimile page from the Second Rabbinic Bible, of Jacob Ben Hayyim’s Masoretic text, the “Mikraot Gedolot”, of 1524-1525.

Masorete Aharon Ben Asher in Tiberius on the Sea of Galilee wrote the most revered copy of the Hebrew Bible, the Aleppo Codex, around 930 AD. Even today, all Torah scrolls in every Jewish community worldwide are written according to the Aleppo Codex, the oldest complete copy of what became known as the Masoretic text – named for the Masorete scribe, Aharon Ben Asher, who wrote it. 

In 1488 Rabbi Joshua Soncino printed the first complete Hebrew Bible. In 1516 Daniel Bomberg published the first edition Biblia Rabbinica (“Mikraot Gedolot” in Hebrew) that was edited by Felix Pratensis, a Jewish Christian. The first edition placed chapter and verse numbers in the margins along with the Masoretic notes. In 1524/1525, Bomberg printed the Second Rabbinic Bible, edited by Jacob Ben Hayyim. This edition of Jacob Ben Hayyim’s Masoretic text became the most important edition of the Hebrew Bible.

This faithful facsimile is beautifully framed along with a brief history of the page.

The Biblical Heritage Collection contains eighteen facsimile pages of original Bible texts. These precious pages have been lovingly and meticulously reproduced by our skilled technicians. One cannot help but feel an overwhelming debt of gratitude to the men of faith who sacrificed so much to provide us with God’s inspired and preserved Word.

Framed in an attractive and informative format with painstaking attention to detail, each piece presents a brief history of the page itself and the men responsible for its translation. Perfect for Universities, Museums, and Churches seeking impressive decor with significant historical impact.


Product Dimensions:

28" x 24"

Product Weight:

20 lbs.