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24" x 36" Poster - Gutenberg Bible 1455

A 24" x 36" Poster page depicting the 1455 Gutenberg Bible and the Gutenberg Printing Press that can be framed or hung on a wall. Below is a description of the Bible and its history:

"Perhaps history's most notable invention, the movable mechanical individual typeset printing press, known as THE GUTENBERG PRESS, and its humble inventor Johann Gutenberg; the man credited with its design and development into the modern day masterpiece it would become. He put together a process of carving out letters, filling the cast with led for typeset, creating a plate to hold the letters, and then using a wine press screw and adjustable printing pad. He printed the first pages of the Latin Bible.

The story is of triumph and tragedy as his greatest achievement was taken from him in a financial blunder and he found himself an exile from the industry he created. His great desire to deliver a copy of the Word of God to even the simplest of men in the farthest region would be realized by others, but not him. Johann Gutenberg found God’s purpose in a peculiar place with a most uncommon venture, but in his obedience and his sacrifice he enriched the world that then was and now is."


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