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Unique Words of the King James Bible (Hardcover; by Wheatley)

Dive into the profound legacy of the King James Bible with Jonathan Wheatley's meticulously researched hardback book, "Unique Words of the King James Bible." This compelling volume results from several years of dedicated study, examining 199 words specially selected by the King James Bible translators. These words stand out for their unique qualities and origins, offering readers a fascinating glimpse into the linguistic choices that have shaped the Bible's enduring legacy.

Many of these distinctive words can be traced back to William Tyndale, the pioneering translator who first brought the Word of God into the English language. Wheatley's work not only highlights the etymological roots and historical significance of these terms but also celebrates the linguistic artistry of the translators.

Perfect for linguists, historians, theologians, and Bible enthusiasts, "Unique Words of the King James Bible" provides an enlightening exploration of the language that has influenced centuries of English-speaking Christians. This hardback edition is a valuable addition to any collection, offering readers both a scholarly and accessible examination of one of the most influential translations in history.


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