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1:4 Scale Replica Gutenberg Press

Immerse yourself in the history of printing with this quarter-scale, non-printing replica of a Gutenberg-style press. Handcrafted by local artisans, and created exclusively for the Biblical Heritage Collection, this replica offers a tangible connection to the past that is ideal for historians, educators, and collectors. Its substantial size and weight make it a striking centerpiece for any Biblical or literary display, bringing the story of Gutenberg’s innovation to life.

The Gutenberg Movable Type Printing Press, created by Johannes Gutenberg, is revered as one of the greatest and most innovative inventions of its time. Through this invention and its following improvements over the years, work that would take months or even years could be completed in mere days or weeks. This immense improvement in printing time made it possible for Bibles and other literary works to be mass-produced and spread across Europe with ease, helping to fuel the Renaissance and the eventual scientific revolution.

This invention worked in a very unique way from that of other printing presses of its era. The operator would place the letters for the page (called a “movable type”) in the correct arrangement over a wooden plate, known as a platen. Once the movable type was set on the lower platen, the letters would then be covered with a coat of fresh ink before placing a piece of paper on top of the movable type. The operator would then compress another upper platen on top of the page, which would create clear and sharp images onto each page. The process was then completed for as many pages as were required. This method helped to alleviate the amount of human error that was present in hand-written productions and eliminated the need for creating a new printer or letter type for each page since the letters could be rearranged after use, which other printers were not able to do during that era.

Gutenberg's press technology spread quickly throughout Europe, with printers slightly changing or modifying it to better suit their processes and make use of the materials that were available in their region. Unfortunately, Gutenberg's original press, used to print the renowned 1455 Gutenberg Bible, also known as the 42-line Bible, has been lost to history. To date, no trace of this pioneering device has been found. Despite this, Gutenberg’s legacy endures. His press revolutionized the production of books, making them more accessible and affordable, and laid the foundation for the spread of the written word across continents. Today, Gutenberg is celebrated not only for his technological innovation, but also for his role in shaping the modern world through the power of print.

Product Dimensions: 36" wide x 24" deep x 37" high

Product Weight: 55 lb.

This product is handcrafted by skilled woodworkers. Slight variations in shape, size, and color are inherent to the hand-making process, and should not be considered a flaw or defect, but rather characteristics that make each piece unique.

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