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Biblical Heritage Exhibit


Martin Luther Statue (small white)

Perhaps Luther's greatest contribution was his translation of the Bible into German, the language of the common man.  Here he is shown holding the Bible as if presenting it to the people.

The Reformation was at hand, the Roman church refused to remove its iron hand of control over the Scriptures, and the powerful struggles for sovereignty between church/Pope and state/kings and the reformers, who gave total obedience unto the sovereignty of Christ, led to the new translations appearing in several languages besides the now modern English. Marin Luther’s German and his challenge to the church, his 95 Thesis in 1517, would be a rally cry for Sola Scriptura and the desire for true text translations in the language of the people. Aided by Phillipp Melanchthon and others, the German Bible would be a significant force in the Reformation of Europe.

This small piece is very detailed as can be seen from the accompanying images. It will make an impressive addition to home or office.

Approximate size: 3 1/2"W x 10"H.

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