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Biblical Heritage Exhibit


Casiodoro de Reina - Sculpture (table top size)

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We are pleased to offer this  likeness of Casiororo de Reina cast in marble and finished in antique bronze or pecan numbered with accompanying brass on gloss black nameplate.

The Spanish Inquisition brought about great persecution as protestant influence from Europe was advancing a reformation against Rome, even in Seville. The Spanish had long sought for a translation in their own tongue, but until early in the 1500’s only a smattering of portions had appeared, and they were Vulgate based and not for public use.

After twelve arduous years of pressure, persecution, and constant fleeing from his pursuers, Casiororo de Reina finished the complete Spanish translation, though he himself testified it was hastily and oft times insufficiently rendered and in need of further revision. Reina fled Spain, never to return, as King Philip of Spain placed a bounty on his head in 1564.

No history of the Spanish Bible is complete without recognizing this courageous translator.

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